[…] The Italians present Bach’s autograph with musical verve. With a warm sonorous bed from the viola da gamba and violone, they breathe life into the fugues and canons. Tones swell and decay. One surprise is the melodic combi from the organ and violin: a solid unison with a human touch. The Italians play with guts […]

[…] With a spacious recording and a refined, well-considered performance this is an Art of Fugue with a great deal to offer. If forced to choose just one recording of this work then I would still probably grab Angela Hewitt’s Hyperion set above all others, but I will certainly be returning to Alberto Rasi and his Accademia Strumentale Italiana when the mood takes me.
Dominy Clements - MusicWebInternational

[…] The Accademia Strumentale Italiana did not opt for a pure gamba ensemble […], but expanded its consort very appealingly to include violin, violone and organ. This results in a very warm, natural sound, great transparency and rousing emotionality that never gives the impression of an academic style exercise […].
You seldom hear the “Art of Fugue” so lively and undisguised!
Wolfgang Reihing - Toccata, October 2020
CD of the Month

[…] una versione molto rigorosa, ricca di ombreggiature e di chiaroscuri, tesa tra austeri ripiegamenti meditativi (e` il caso del citato Canone per Augmentationem), estatici abbandoni (la Fuga incompiuta) e fluide soluzioni agogiche (come nella realizzazione delle Fughe a specchio, tradotte con la dovuta freschezza).
Claudio Bolzan - MUSICA, September 2020

[…] These players offer a refreshingly varied instrumental palette. Introducing gravitas where apposite and vigurous characterization where called for […] Accademia Strumentale Italiana illuminate every component of Bach's visionary masterpiece.
5***** stars both for Performance and Recording
Nicholas Anderson BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE

[…] Comment imaginer lecture mieux respirante (Fuga inversa per augmentationem et diminutionem, quelle délicate chorégraphie, quel oxygène!)?, nimbée de subtils affects, et qui ramène l’humain au cœur de la rhétorique. […] Mais quelle émotion se dégage de ce parchemin ainsi réenchanté!
Christophe Steyne - Crescendo Magazine

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